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Discounted rate of £18/hour for Local Artists and Charities

Biodiesel made from waste cooking oil

Help Loading & Unloading

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Payment on job completion

All UK cash accepted, including English banknotes ;0)


“I’ve used Chick in a Truck twice now to move personal items as well as art objects around Glasgow, and have only superlatives to offer. I found the owner/driver (Zem) to be fantastic to work with – she’s always on time, and very accommodating, pleasant and hard working. She surely can lift more (and more willingly!) than most ‘man with van’ people I’ve hired in the past! Her rate is fair, and a better deal than most similar offers in Glasgow. Her truck is large, and items are secure in transport, and you can ride along. She also offers receipts – a sometimes surprisingly difficult thing to secure!

“I highly recommend Chick in a Truck, and will surely use the service again in the future!”

Artist Shelton Walker

May 2013


“Chick in a Truck has been my ideal solution for getting large or heavy small loads moved at short notice. Just the thing for someone like me who doesn’t drive a car. Whether your choice to not drive is for environmental reasons or for other reasons – and my non-driver status is a bit of both – there are often times when you need to move things that won’t fit in a taxi. Chick in a Truck has helped me to recycle items through the local Freeshare network and to pick up materials for my DIY activities. She is reliable, helpful and friendly and I would use her again.”

Environment Enthusiast Nina Baker

October 2012


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